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Computer vision

Automation with computer vision capabilities

Build custom Deep Learning models to treat images with text in characters or manuscripts, images with objects, people, animals or landscapes, being able to classify, count and identify similarities.

Multiple Machine Learning models

Models with OCR

Our OCR models are able to extract text from images and documents and categorize them and can define their own fields for extraction.

Image classification

Our image classification models indicate which category an image belongs to. You can define your own categories and the model will group a given image into one of those categories.

Object detection

Our object detection models can locate an object of interest in an image. You can define your own object of interest and, given a new image, we will find the object.

Similarity of images

Our similarity models can find similar images from a given set of registered images. When you provide a new image, it will return the closest match.

Automation of visual inspections with Machine Learning


Reduce visual inspection time to seconds by streamlining measures that help increase your efficiency.

State-of-the-art technology that fits your data, ensuring accuracy compared to public models.

Get rid of the subjectivity of human judgment when inspecting objects for defects. Have reports consistent with inspection data.

Scale robustly, analyze up to millions of images per month, scaling your resources to meet your desired demand.

Models trained “on premisse” so that your data does not leave your network or deploy cloud models, always with efficiency and performance.

Solutions for logistics and demands in open environments

Check the container number and vehicle license plate recognition
Count the number of occupants in vehicles
Recognize and classify vehicles or other assets
Perform inspections automatically
Automated auditing and verification

Rapid deployment with ready-made templates