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Cybersecurity Solutions

Protect what is most essential to your business with automated security solutions that help you stay ahead of ever-changing threats.

Management of your information

The challenges of Information Security Professionals

Is your team struggling to keep up with threats to the company instead of proactively building its security procedures? Are they just reacting, fighting the fires?

Simplify your Security Strategy

Each solution you hire adds security overhead and complexity. We offer a complete portfolio to solve your security challenges and make your job easier. We help you keep your security strategy stronger, more effective and adaptable.

Our Mantra is Security

Security is a collaborative process and as partners, we offer the tools and flexibility you need to keep your business running smoothly in an ever-changing threat landscape.

Three key solutions for your security

You can keep your permissions locked, your data safe and your threats minimized, all while maintaining productivity. We focus our solutions on three main areas to help you optimize your security.

Data Security

Your data is your company's most valuable asset and you need to make sure it is well protected.

Identity and Access Management

Identity and access management solutions ensure the right level of access to information on the network, in the cloud and on any operating system.

Infrastructure Protection

Products and services that work together to protect your environment from multiple angles. Virus protection, vulnerability management, security policy management, intrusion detection and prevention, and security and integrity monitoring.

After your employees, your data is your company’s most valuable asset. Customer data, employee data, financial data and intellectual property is the most valuable asset to the company and you need to make sure it is well protected.


Our data security solutions facilitate the proper handling of data to comply with regulatory controls. Working together, we identify sensitive data, protect it from exposure or theft and ensure that it is safely shared with the target audience.


From the moment they are created until when they arrive at their destination, their data is treated with the importance they deserve and is protected.

Understand, Manage, Protect

Data Classification

The basis of a robust data security strategy begins with the classification of the data. Apply the correct classification to PII, PCI or PHI data to meet regulatory and safety requirements.

Adaptive Data Loss Prevention (DLP)

Automatically apply a security policy based on data content, context and regulations. Create rules for data that needs to be encrypted or edited (for sensitive data, such as credit cards or document numbers) and which files can be copied to the cloud.

Secure File Transfer (MFT) management

Adaptive DLP works seamlessly with secure MFT to edit sensitive data and remove cyber threats before files are shared. The files can then be encrypted and shared securely through a centralized platform, supporting efficiency and compliance requirements for the proper handling of confidential data.

Identity and access management

Granting the user access to confidential information can be a trap for non-compliance. Too little access strengthens security, but impairs efficiency, but too much access increases the risk of accidental exposure of confidential details. With increasing reliance on cloud infrastructure, hybrid IT environments are becoming the norm. Our identity and access management solutions help you ensure that all users have the right level of access to local information, in the cloud and on any system.

Governance and Identity Administration

Mitigate identity-related access by automating the creation, management and certification of user accounts, roles and access rights.

Access Privilege Management

Many administrator accounts have elevated privileges, usually with little or no tracking control. Our solution allows you to simplify the process of defining, monitoring and managing privileged access to your IT systems.

Infrastructure Protection

When it comes to protecting your IT infrastructure from persistent security threats, you can’t overlook any aspect. Only it is not a simple task. We offer solutions and work together to protect your environment from multiple angles. Among the solutions we can highlight: virus protection, vulnerability management, security policy management, intrusion detection and prevention and security and integrity monitoring.

Penetration Tests

Identify vulnerabilities by testing your IT infrastructure, reproducing an attack in a controlled manner, allowing you to find and close gaps in your security approach. We actively look for new vulnerabilities that need to be fixed and collect data on new threats to update the knowledge base that powers our products.

Network Traffic Analysis for Threat Detection and Virus Protection

To avoid losses, we identify hidden infections by looking at where they have already penetrated. We also eliminate malware and viruses at the server level, including Linux, AIX and IBM i to protect critical data.

Security and Event Information Management (SIEM)

Aggregate threat notifications from various sources prioritizing actions that are really important by reducing the stress generated by alerts.