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Data management

Digital transformation and its data

How many opportunities is your company missing by not properly using your data stored in transactions generated by all your business areas, all your devices, data sources and even more with your bots? Digital transformation is, above all, getting hold of your data in order to create a constant flow of insights, get a 360° view of your business in order to accelerate your innovations, increase your relevance and your revenue.

Management of your information

If your information is fragmented or of low quality, you need an approach to data sanitation, validation, mining and even integration with complementary sources. We have the necessary experience to provide data integration and automation solutions serving the entire business process cycle in companies.

Information Management

Implementation of unified Databases, containing the necessary artifacts to deliver a strategic business vision.

Master Data Management

Consolidation and management of information from different sources, which can be materials, products, customer or supplier data.


Collection, organization, analysis and sharing of information that support business management.

Big Data

Treatment, analysis and ingestion of data from structured and unstructured sources.

The power of your data

Use the power of your data to better understand what is at the root of this information in order to improve your customer’s experiences.

Moving your data

Digital transformation must be supported by its ability to quickly deal with heterogeneous databases and large volumes of data. We help companies of all sizes to simplify this task with Synit - Data Replication solution.

  • Flexible and easily customizable
  • Ability to transform data
  • Scheduled or real-time replication
  • Data synchronization processes
  • High data support
  • Support for a wide variety of sources and destinations
  • Customizable graphical interface without using languages
  • Intuitive wizards for adding business logic

Agility in decision making for the management of your business

Multipeers behaves like a global management cockpit