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Process and Task Mining

SCOUT – Workgraph Platform

Scout is a Process and Task Mining platform that drives your digital transformation. It gives companies a structured view of work, how it is actually being performed, and identifies opportunities for change, standardization and automation at scale.

Fortune 500 pharmaceutical company uses Scout to automatically create its Workgraph, across its entire supply chain and customer service, in over 15 countries, with thousands of users. Using this data, they cataloged 35,000 tasks, 900 processes, and 42,000 variations demonstrating how teams were getting work done, generating important insights for standardization and automation actions.

A journey of continuous improvement with Scout

Discover without limits

Analyze your entire business and find 15% savings in 48 hours.

Excellence and Automation

Dig deeper into teams and find another 15% savings in 4 weeks.

Design new Processes

Understand and redefine your processes and reduce your change cost by 50%.

Your work data

Gain insights powered by your data with Workgraph technology

How are companies using Scout?

Building an automation pipeline

Scout's task discovery quickly and without manual intervention identifies automation candidates more accurately and with clear justifications.

Discover at scale

Comprehensive work understanding to the last click, discovering variations in structured and unstructured work. Gaining insights for changes to your SaaS, RPA and BPMN programs.

Your digital journey in the right direction

Add your business metrics from SAP, ERP, CRM using Scout's Hybrid Process Mining and allow Scout's AI to create a catalog of commonly used documents through Document Insights.

Scout requests the user’s Opt-In, collects only information from authorized websites and applications, masking sensitive information and from the actions performed, creates metadata to be analyzed in search of insights. All data traffic is encrypted at rest and during transmission.

Elected Leader in Process Discovery & Mining NEAT 2021 Quadrant

Scout is recognized in the Gartner Market Guide for Process Mining 2021

ISG rates Scout as a rising star on Provider Lens™ for Process Discovery & Mining

Why is process discovery important?

Gain visibility down to the last mile

Scout is fast, intuitive and designed for your team to get work graphs. Collaboratively reveals how work happens even in the most trivial activities.

Understand all variations in your work

Structured work represents only 25% of teams' time. Scout combines the vision of structured and unstructured work, outperforming its competitors with Insights in 100% team activities.

Process performance view

Scout creates a complete, end-to-end view of processes with holistic performance information in terms of productivity, speed and quality. Extend insights by defining and mapping custom enterprise KPIs for your process.

In addition to discovering your process very quickly, the way it is executed (AS-IS) Scout allows you to redesign your process (TO-BE) in its STUDIO interface that allows you to export documents (PDD), BPMN 2.0 and even 80% of your RPA Bots.

Bayer discovers the possibility of a 95% reduction in AHT through process transformation using Scout.

According to a statement from Bayer’s VP of Digital Transformation and Product Delivery IT, Galina Gray:

“We really like the features of Scout and what I like best is that most of the data is being collected with minimal user involvement”