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Process Automation

Business and IT Process Automation

There are many needs in today’s world for automation. The best choice is when we can solve a challenge for the best cost-benefit, with simplicity in implementation offering competitive gains. We can cite solutions for executing routines in databases and scripts (Jobs) running on different machines spread across your company, we can also cite solutions that allow us to mimic a person’s actions on the computer, executing manual, repetitive and stressful processes, going even the need to handle large volumes of data and documents using computer vision and decision making capabilities with cognitive resources.

How we help our clients reach their full potential

We understand customer demands. 20 years' experience combined with agile processes.

Teams ready to serve the customer, with technical capacity and dedication.

Wide range of solutions and success stories in all business segments.

Attention to the customer experience, from hiring, delivery and monitoring and support.

If need RPA, count on
Growtec to help you.

Whenever a process is repetitive, tedious and routinely performed by users on computers, there is an RPA tool to automate these tasks, in a manageable and scalable way.

How to choose your RPA solution

Growtec is an expert when it comes to RPA. There are 20 years of experience and hundreds of customers served. We know how important the choice of a solution is, but more important is the decision of the implementing partner.

Start by involving your departments with representatives from all areas to discuss automation possibilities.

Establish indicators and targets to assess the evolution of the work with a view to hiring or expanding your RPA initiative.

Assess indirect costs, such as hardware, database licenses, operating system, internal staff, training, monitoring, among others.

Now evaluate the options in the market: Licensed or Open Source, On Premisse or Cloud, Perpetual or Subscription, resources and costs.

Artificial Intelligence working for your business


Using Artificial Intelligence, layout recognition and natural language understanding capabilities, we expand your RPA's ability to meet the demands of your HR, Finance, Legal and other departments.

Computer Vision

The most efficient way to adress the demand for automation with identification documents, tax documents, pattern identification and image recognition without AI specialists or data scientists.

Cognitive automation

Every decision making requires a sufficient amount of data to feed an AI seeking to find patterns and identify trends, for solutions in process automation, support for strategic analysis, logistical support, fraud detection, among other solutions.

Need to orchestrate Jobs across
multiple platforms and databases?

The most suitable tool is the one that solves the problem for the best cost benefit with simplicity of implementation. To manage the execution of routines in databases, scripts (Jobs) that are running on different machines spread across your company and still provide control of the results, you need scheduling technology, orchestration and control of Jobs (Workload Automation).