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Virtual Assistants

Cognigy.AI is the leading Enterprise Conversational Automation Platform for building advanced, integrated Conversational Automation Solutions through the use of cognitive.


Manage the conversational flow of all your text and voice bots from one convenient location

Graphical Conversation Editor

Easy to use graphical editor to design human-like conversations quickly and without coding.

Extend AI to Business Users

Graphical editor and easy to learn design concepts enable more programmers to create run and deploy conversations quickly and without coding.

Real-time Previews

See graphical previews of your conversations as you build them directly inside the editor.

Powerful Workflow Engine

Configure complex, integrated conversational experiences with unmatched flexibility.

Advanced AI-based Understanding

Spark the conversation with powerful, integrated Natural Language Understanding


Understand what your users say with patent-pending innovations and deep-learning algorithms that deliver industry-leading performance.

Train Your AI

Train your AI and launch faster with Cognigy’s supervised and semi-supervised learning solutions. Cognigy.AI’s Intent Trainer lets you train your bot by reviewing the NLU results and providing feedback.

Speak Any Language

Cognigy NLU supports 20+ of languages including English, German, Spanish, Japanese, Chinese and many others, while also supporting language-independent machine learning models.

Integrate With External NLU

Stay flexible and in control using out-of-the-box integrations with major NLU engines including Google Dialogflow, Microsoft LUIS, IBM Watson and Alexa Skills Kit. Integrate task- and domain-specific NLU with Cognigy’s Integration Framework.

Modern interface


A modern interface for business users, as well as administrators and developers.

A simple and powerful interface – allowing for a sophisticated conversation experience, yet simple to use.

Editor thought to be simple and powerful


An interface designed to quickly develop a conversation without programming code.

An editor designed to the creation of conversations as it would be a human interaction, easy to read, avoiding being linear, as it allows to move the flow of the conversation between topics.

Plug & Play Extensions


Ability to integrate with backend systems seamlessly and without effort of coding.

Extensions are pre-built conversational modules which hook directly into the Flow Editor and can be written by anyone and deployed securely.

Enterprise-level Operations

Integrate Conversational AI into your enterprise infrastructure

Automated Testing

Perform automated regression testing of your conversations to ensure that business objectives are still met after changes have been made.

SaaS & On-Premise

Cognigy.AI runs on Cognigy SaaS cloud or on your own infrastructure as an on-premise deployment.

Built-in Logging

Access application and system logs from within Cognigy.AI and integrate with your existing logging tools.

Unlimited Scalability

Cognigy.AI’s containerized micro-services architecture (Kubernetes) provides unlimited scaling and built-in resilience to handle peak traffic loads.

Compliance & Data Management

See graphical previews of your conversations as you build them directly inside the editor.

Multi-Lingual Virtual Agents


Deploying virtual agents in different languages whilst sharing business logic and backend integrations.

Locales enable seamless localization of content and NLU configuration within flows, whilst keeping a common logic base for easy maintainability.

Agent Live Chat


At any time in a conversation, seamlessly transition the user to a human agent and continue to support the human agent through AI to solve the customer’s issue.

Use Cognigy Live Chat or integrate with existing live chat tools like Ringcentral Engage Digital, Avaya Oceana, Genesys Pure Cloud or your contact center platform.

Cognigy Voice Gateway


Bringing the most intuitive form of human communications to your Conversational AI, supporting phone and WebRTC voice calls.

AI-based Voice Gateway solution for Contact Centers to deploy Virtual Voice Agents for automated phone conversations.

Omni-Channel Experience


Develop conversational experiences across a wide range of voice and text channels, including Facebook Messenger, Amazon Alexa, Google Home, Twilio and many more. Make use of Cognigy’s built-in webchat to deploy Cognigy.AI to your website with ease. Create a consistent user experience by keeping conversation context across channels.

Insightful Analyticss


Discover trends, measure conversation KPIs and optimize the conversational experience through out-of-the-box dashboards – all in a GDPR-compliant manner. Integrate with your existing business intelligence tools through Cognigy.AI’s data connectivity capabilities.

400+ Global Brands have standardized on Cognigy.AI