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Voice recognition

The power of voice in your business

We believe in the power of voice recognition to help your business deliver revolutionary customer experiences based on an AI solution.

Simplifying voice recognition

Setting a new standard for Speech Recognition Automation (ASR) and Text-to-Speech Reproduction (TTS) to enhance the customer experience.

State-of-the-art speech algorithm, with accuracy close to 100%, ready to use at scale.

Voice biometrics for validating identity as a completely unique, convenient and secure credential.

Voice technology

Call progress analysis

Accurately determine whether a person or machine has answered a call to ensure call continuity.

Speech recognition

Develop innovative and dynamic solutions with speech capabilities that help your company in the customer experience.

From text to speech

Resource to synthesize speech from a text, allowing the development of self-service solutions.

Active voice biometrics

Authenticate people in a simplified way for your company's convenience and security.

Passive voice biometrics

Fast and secure speech authentication solution, ensuring you never again interrogate your customer to confirm identity.

+ 3.000

successful deployments


of processed speeches

100s of millions

of voice notifications


of voice authentications

Applications and Use Cases

Fraud Detection

Advanced algorithms to detect suspicious activity fraud proactively and quickly intervene in these situations.

Password Reset

The self-service password resets to save up to 85% of technical support related queries password.

Proof of life

Prevent fraud and undue pension payments with voice biometrics to provide faster and more secure solutions for customers.

Using state-of-the-art AI voice technology, you have access to a broad portfolio of voice technologies that are secure, scalable, reliable and affordable for any application. Modular solution that also lets you leverage your existing infrastructure as your platform evolves.